What is this all about?

Hi there, I'm Jeff.

I have been writing, designing, presenting, building processes, building teams, serving customers, failing, and learning all my life. Through my failures and successes I have learned innumerable lessons and absorbed the wisdom of others.

Now, I want to share my knowledge, contribute to the discussion, and build a community of people who are striving to learn and improve.

I focus on 4 areas that I care about and that guide my curiosity and thought process.

  1. Business 💼
  2. Technology 💾
  3. Customer experience ✨
  4. Communication 🛰️

Business is...

How I learn and grow. To succeed in business you must change, evolve, and become something new on an a daily basis.

Technology is...

Awesome, challenging, beautiful, frustrating, and enables unreasonable leverage.

Customer experience is...

Critical to how you and your customers perceive the tools and brands they interact with. How a solution is presented and used is just as important as the solution itself. Usability reigns.

Communication is...

The most important skill you can develop. Communication is how you are judged in your professional life and effective communicators win.

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electronic mail [email protected],
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Thank you for your support.

Dig in, show humility, fail, learn, repeat.
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